Live Long and Prosper

My children excelled themselves today.

Matilda got a fabulous end of year report which surpassed her last report, which was already pretty great.

Oscar got his gold award.  This means that he has been given 75 commendations over the term. They get an award for every 25 commendations up to platinum, then they start again at bronze.

The gold award comes with the added bonus of a free book for every child who achieves it.  Oscar was most impressed.  Then he rounded off the day with the Cup of Kindness, which is an actual trophy which is awarded every month and which the child takes temporary ownership of until the next month.  He got a silver badge and two silver stars to bring home.  He nearly exploded with pride.

Tallulah got her platinum award, which apparently puts her in the running for the end of term trophy for being commendationed out.  She also got ‘Good to Be Green’ at the end of the day, which is the most commendations in the week in her class.

I am pretty proud right now.

Not as proud as I was when her teacher found me at lunch time, shaking with laughter.

They had been doing the Penitential Rite in R.E. this morning.  In the mass, after this woe fest is over the participants all give each other the sign of peace.  This is basically either a handshake or a hug to anyone in your reachable vicinity, which is administered along with the words: ‘Peace be with you.’

The teacher asked the class members if they knew what the sign of peace was.  The poor woman was batting a sticky wicket, as all the children in that class are either of different denominations, and not au fait with the Catholic way, or simply heretics (me and mine).

Tallulah, ever eager to shine, put her hand up to give it a go.  The teacher said:

‘Yes Tallulah. What do you think it is?’

Tallulah said:

‘Is it this?’

And gave a perfect rendition of the Vulcan peace sign.


6 responses to “Live Long and Prosper

  1. She’s not out of the ballpark – Leonard Nimoy copied the sign from a jewish blessing he saw every week when he was a child in Synagogue.

  2. LOL! too precious. what lovely names your children have 🙂

  3. your children are certainly unique! i love them…

  4. aren’t they just. x

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