The Gardenbarn – in pictures – part 2

I took so many photos while I was at the Gardenbarn today:

I thought I would chuck a few more on here, just because I can.

It was rather nippy when I looked around outside:

So you can see why I didn’t linger overlong.

But there were some great sculptural pieces for the garden:

Or, if like me, you prefer the indoors, you could always transplant them inside:

To no ill effect.

It’s a good job I definitely didn’t win the 45 million quid in the Eurolottery this week, because I would have stripped this place bare.

I took this picture for Tilly.

She loves a good lizard.  They always make me laugh because Oscar used to call them dizards when he was a baby, and I think it is such an excellent word for them, because they really are dizzy, nervous little creatures.

And this one for my mum, who used to have a thing about sculptural fruit.

As you do.

This box is something I would quite like for my birthday.

And before I go, here is a picture of half, yes half, of the barn, to give you some of the sense of size I am talking about:

3 responses to “The Gardenbarn – in pictures – part 2

  1. Ooooh, oooh, oooh, I want the metal bird for my garden! If I win the $20million draw here on Saturday I will be in touch 😉

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