Thankful Third Thursday

mummypinkwellies tagged me this morning for a new meme, rather like Silent Sunday, which I never do, because I am never silent at any point, but better because there are words involved.

I love words.

The idea is that you list ten things that you are thankful for.  Then you pass on the meme.  I am not naming names with regard to passing this on.  If you want to have a go, just stick a comment in the comments box with a link and I’ll come and have a look.

You might think that this is hard for me.  I am a woman who likes a good moan.  I am a natural pessimist and a glass half empty with spitty crisps in it sort of girl.  There is a part of me, the dark side, where I am actually quite jolly.  I don’t like to let it out to play much. It is my shame, but what can you do?

I’ve never been able to resist a meme.

  1. I am thankful that I do not have to work.  Our situation is changing which means that this state of affairs is not likely to continue for much longer, so I am making the most of it while I can.  I am not someone who suffers from boredom. I do not sit around all day twiddling my thumbs wondering what to do with myself.  If anything the days are too short to fit everything in.  There is so much to do, and by this I mean nice things, not the usual run of the mill, daily grind. Things like reading, and cooking, and eating, and meeting with friends, and writing, and exploring new places, and shopping, and listening to the radio, and catching up on four million films I need to watch. That sort of thing.
  2. I am thankful for my friends.  It looks like we may not be able to go to Canada after all, unless some kind of miracle occurs but when the immigration people rejected us, although I was sad, I was absolutely overwhelmed by the number of people in my life who said that they felt sorry for our disappointment, but were delighted that we were staying.  It is very, very nice to feel wanted and loved. Thank you.
  3. I am selfishly thankful for my new UGG boots.  The temperature has dropped sharply since the weekend but my feet, which are usually icy cold, are snug and warm, and it is wonderful.
  4. I am thankful for my children, because even though they drive me insane, they enrich my life beyond measure.  They are clever and funny and engaging.  They also make me explore new limits of tolerance every day, which is probably quite a good thing.
  5. I am thankful that I live where I do. The Midlands is not the most exciting place in the world to live, but it is near to so many places that are and living here means that I get to roam far and wide, particularly in pursuit of theatrical excess.
  6. I am thankful that someone abandoned Derek in that ditch, which meant that she could come and live with us.  I have missed having a cat in the house, and she makes our family complete.  She is a true Wheatley through and through.
  7. I am thankful that I can take such pleasure in books that reading one allows me to enter another world entirely.
  8. I am thankful for the fact that my husband indulges my love of theatre, even though he doesn’t like it himself.  The play’s the thing.
  9. I am thankful for the fact that as I get older I care less about what other people think.  It is a remarkable act of liberation, and I approve wholeheartedly. Long may it continue.
  10. I am thankful for my husband.  After years of wandering in the wilderness I found him, and I have never been lonely since.  Wherever he is, is home.

11 responses to “Thankful Third Thursday

  1. Lovely blog. Thanks Katy 🙂 xxx

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  3. I’m a bit thick today – what is a Meme? is it talking about memememe? In which case I’m VERY good at it already. BUT – that’s not what I wanted to say. What I do want to comment on is your list. Like your writing in general, it is lovely. It’s made me feel a bit ashamed about all the whinging and complaining I’ve been doing lately. Apart from Derek the cat , every single thing in your list* could apply to my life too. (See how I even managed to make this all about me??)
    *and Canada; and the Midlands; oh, and the Ugg** boots. Ok, I may have to retract the Every Single Thing comment. But ALOT of it, certainly
    **I saw those Ugg boots in a fancy shop at the weekend. They are TDF, as someone much cooler than I might say.

    • Reluctant Launderer
      Don’t feel guilty. I am fully back in whinge mode today! Also a meme is sort of like a blogging chain letter, only nobody comes round and roughs you up if you don’t do it!

  4. The last sentence about your husband really struck a chord with me, it’s an amazing feeling. I love my kids too but I am less keen on the Midlands, maybe I need to get out and about a bit more.

  5. I was talking to my daughter about boyfriends from my past, and she asked why I accepted her dads (the mister) proposal of marriage…..after all he was NOTHING like my previous boyfriends and everything about him was wrong……and I was reminded that he had his arms around me and when he proposed inside my head I thought ‘Oh it’s you!’ because saying yes to him felt just like finding would have been unnatural to say no……..SO…all that to say that your last line made me teary eyed…I know the feeling.

  6. Libby
    Your post made me sniff. In a good, non cold sort of way! xx

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