The Bakeathon begins

This post is unlikely to make much sense. It is late. I am tired. Tired to the extent that I have just poured apple juice down my arm attempting merely to put it in the fridge, and then spilled some more attempting to clear up the first spill.  I should not be allowed to drive heavy machinery, eat heavy metals or write heavy blogs.

I haz been baking.  It is the big charity event on Saturday.  The fairy cakes Tilly made last week got accidentally on purpose eaten, and my plans to be organised and sling one or two cakes in the freezer every evening has not worked out, as I seem to prefer instead to rush about in a mindless panic three minutes before something actually happens, shouting; ‘Oh God! We’re all going to die. AND, I’m late…’

Tilly is in another experimental baking phase.  She has assisted me this evening by making rose water flavoured cup cakes in the most delicate pink colour, and lemon and poppy seed cup cakes.  I do not know what she has on the agenda for tomorrow, but I am telling you that it is an asset to have a daughter who is a middle aged, competent housewife trapped in the body of a twelve year old.

Your excellent and generous gifts are still rolling in.  Our lovely Spanish teacher, Lola, is offering three, hour long taster sessions for children who want to learn Spanish.  She is awesome.  I love Lola. Her lessons are so much fun.  She has taught us all many things including how to say ‘Elefanti’ which is Spanish for marmoset.

Not really.

It’s Spanish for goose.


It’s not.

Anyhow. She has been totally generous beyond belief, and she is getting her lovely mother in law to bake me something in order to stop me having a baking related nervous breakdown in the next few days.

Next, which is a Leicester based company, are giving us a £25 gift voucher.

Home Office Mum, my amazing blogging friend has managed to persuade one of her fantastically generous clients, ‘Ganderkids’, to give us this gorgeous, pull along book trolley called a P’Kolino Book Buggee.  It rocks.

Miss Behaving has sent me some glorious Japanese things.

Bev over at Confuzzledom has sent me a whole box of wonderful stuff including the cutest set of tea lights in the shape of birds that I have my eye on for my very own self.

Sharon has sent me the most beautiful, hand crafted gloves and socks, which if I didn’t already have some of her handiwork already, would be another thing my beady eye would be trained on.

It’s all good.

And then there is the saga of the catering. We are still at ‘f***kin Hell’ with that.  It is not going well. It may not be going anywhere at all.  I have more leads. I am following them up. The time for not having anything at all creeps inexorably closer.

If this happens we will all have to eat cake and hope nobody drops into a diabetic coma.

Which is my cue to go and stick in another Ocado order. I am running low on glace cherries, and totally forgot, when I put in my last order that anything might need icing at all.

Ho hum.

12 responses to “The Bakeathon begins

  1. Need any more cake? I could probably rustle a couple up and deliver it on the day? Appreciate if you are all caked up x

    • Um, I think we may have enough now thank you lovely. That is super kind of you though. How much notice will you need if I am in a total panic and in need of cake reinforcements?xx

  2. I have been catching up and am amazed and awed at what you are doing and the generosity of people around you.
    So… just breathe and thank all that is good that your gorgeous girl loves baking cakes!

  3. Hmmm just a thought what about an indian – plenty of those in leicester? And then just sandwiches – thou lesta is a pretty curry obsessed place?

  4. . . . . . and breathe in, one, two, three, and out, one two, three etc etc.

    ‘No worries, she’ll be right’ (Australian saying applied to most hairy situations, we are mostly a very positive nation) regarding the bake-a-thon and the catering. Choo’s idea sounds promising, or you could add sausage rolls and other pastry based things to the baking list . . . using your other two pairs of hands, second kitchen . . . .


  5. I wish I lived near Leicester… Tilly’s cupcakes sound delicious!

  6. Oh, I feel for you from all the way across the pond. Am myself in the throes of Too Much on My Plate, although at least you have the comfort of knowing that you’re working for a Good Cause. Just think about how wonderful you’ll feel on Sunday Morning….

  7. Ms. Caroline
    I intend to sleep for most of Sunday if allowed, so will wake up feeling satisfied on Sunday afternoon if I’m lucky.x

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