Where I Lay My Head

Bev over at Confuzzledom started this meme a while ago.  I have been meaning to do it ever since, and here I am, late to the party but very enthusiastic.  It is called Where I lay my head.  Basically you just post up a shot of your bed/room, and that’s it.

Job’s a good ‘un

I think I’ve posted a picture of my bed before. Probably. It is one of my very favourite things.  That and repeating myself incessantly.

Anyway. I love it. So there.

It is very large, because we are not spooning, canoodling sort of people at all.  It is very comfortable, and it is right at the top of the house at the back, so it is a quiet, zen like space.

The children are only allowed in it if their heads are on fire, so it remains a quiet, zen like space.

I sometimes mull over having a lock on the door, but touch wood they have been very good about respecting our strictures to leave us alone if at all possible when we are in there.  I think it helps when Jason growls and bares his teeth and looks all pointy and fierce like so:

It’s so much easier when one is married to a fledgeling were beast.

6 responses to “Where I Lay My Head

  1. Yes, I can see how that would help!

  2. …and you were considering locking yourself in with him! Bitch of a catch your husband…

  3. Sharon
    It’s the grrr action.

    He’s a wild man of the woods. Much like Ray Mears but without the impeccable grooming.

  4. Your bedroom does look very zen like. I’m jealous. maybe I too shall achieve such joy once I have an extra room to put stuff in…

  5. Bev
    It doesn’t look zen like today. It mostly looks apocalpytic, if the apocalypse happened in a laundry.

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