Poetry Please

My lovely friend Ros over at Watching The Wheels recently posted a poem, which I love called Wild Geese by Mary Oliver.  Wander over to Ros’s place and check it out.  

I read it at the funeral of a very dear friend of mine, who was also god-mother to my girls.  Despitee it being over five years now since she died, I still miss her and think of her, and this poem is for her.

Anne my love, wherever you are, I hope you’re having a blast.  You earned it.

3 responses to “Poetry Please

  1. i understand totally how a certain line or poem can bring a whole flood of feelings back. when a man i had loved terribly for many years passed away suddenly, a 16th century poem i had studied many years before in college just leapt full into my head. as it did now reading your post:

    Western wind, when will thou blow
    The small rain down can rain?
    Christ, if my love were in my arms
    And I in my bed again!

  2. Hauntingly beautiful.

    The people you love leave such huge holes in your life when they leave and time only tacks a cobweb over the gap.

  3. Bronxbee
    That is lovely.xx

    They surely do.x

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