Santa Baby

I am now stupidly awake.  I think my mind hates my body and vice versa.  I am not a woman in harmony with herself.  If I were I would be snoring so hard the slates would be falling from the roof by now.

As it is I am like a meercat on red alert and my mind is racing.

I have decided to waste valuable studying time by compiling my fantasy christmas list for 2009.  I did something similar last year.  I believe it had Louboutins and art in it.  This year will be spookily similar.

I would just like to point out that I will be getting none of these things.  My actual Christmas list asks for one of Paul Thurlby’s Alphabet Prints as seen on India Knight’s still gorgeous Posterous site.  Jason nearly had a heart attack thinking I wanted them all.  I do, but I am being reasonable settling for one now and the rest later when he becomes insanely rich.  I have also asked for this book called: Important Artifacts and Personal Property From the Collection of Lenore Doolan and Harold Morris Including Books, Street Fashion and Jewelry, by Leanne Shapton, which I also saw on India’s site.  And I have asked for a Terry’s Chocolate Orange, which is the only thing not on India’s site, and which I ask for every year without fail.  I cry if I don’t get one.  I love them.  They are Christmas to me.

So this is the list of things I would have if we were bajillionaires:

Emerald Bead necklace from Tiffany

You can see it here.  It is absolutely gorgeous.  I don’t do jewelry usually, but I do love emeralds and I love that this looks so utterly simple, and yet is clearly insanely elegant and fabulous.  It is over £530, 000.  I could buy two of my house for that money.  Even if I had that kind of money to spend on things I would probably have to be sick into a paper bag before and after the purchase.  Then have a lie down.  But goodness me it is beautiful.

The Louboutins

I’m torn this year.  I’m thinking of being greedy and going for three pairs.  Shocking, I know,  but they are so lustworthy.  I’ve narrowed it down to this pair called ‘Miss Clichy’

Which look exactly like all the other pairs I’ve got, but I can tell the difference, believe me.  By pairs I’ve got by the way, I do not mean Louboutins. I do not own, merely covet.

Then there’s these, called ‘Lady Page’

They also come in black, but as I’m doing colour this year and I’ll already have the Miss Clichy, I thought I’d be daring.

Then there’s the boots.  It’s the boots that would win the race if I only had to pick one pair.  They’re called Mamanouk.

Lovely, lovely, lovely.

Paul Smith bag

I would like a new weekend bag and I love this one called ‘Large Violet’ by Paul Smith:

I adore the stripes. He’s been doing them for years now and I just don’t get bored of them.  They’re just delicious.

John Galliano Things

In the Autumn Winter 09 stuff he has done these crazed Russian doll style outfits which are so voluminous that even normal sized people could wear them.  Which is good, because I am extremely normal sized.  I love pretty much everything Galliano does, but this time around I am particularly enamoured of these gorgeous grey, great coats.  Here is one:

And there is another one in a kind of grey with charcoal check which looks like a Victorian riding habit gone mad.  It’s wonderful.

Antony Gormley Sculptures

We went to the Borders closing down sale today, which by the way, is a gigantic rip off, so please don’t bother.  Their sale prices are higher than their regular prices because they’ve taken away all the three for twos, and buy one get one free, and half price offers.   Anyway, I was drooling over a wonderful book all about Antony Gormley by Richard Noble, which is extremely large, extremely heavy and full of exquisite photographs.  I was going to buy it and then I thought of all the other delicious art books I own (plenty) and which I rarely look at.  I decided it would be much easier to get Antony to pop round and whip me up one of his works for the garden.  It would be fantastic.  I like most of his things, so anything along these lines would be acceptable:

Thanks Santa.

21 responses to “Santa Baby

  1. Ooooh yummy! Me too. Although to be honest the shoes and the coats would be completely useless to me but oh so beautiful! Sort of unwearable art? Will probably get the Terry’s Orange not that I should but hey, it’s Christmas.

  2. So why don’t you build your own version of an Antony Gormley in the garden? One day I’m going to get round to building my own Andy Goldsworthy in mine….

  3. oh yeas. i’ll have antony gormley. anytime.

  4. I covet everything.I love the term ‘weekend bag’ because it holds such promise of lovely times(although ‘ginormous suitcase waiting to be filled with gorgeous things bought whilst away’ also has a certain clumsy ring to it).Have you visited the Antony Gormley figures at Crosby beach?Absolutely beautiful-wistful and haunting.He is a genius.

  5. Sharon
    I’ll never actually wear the shoes. I’m going with your art thingy.

    Mrs. Jones
    Great idea. I love Andy Goldsworthy too. I have a lot of his books.

    When he pops over I’ll get him to come to yours.

    I haven’t been. I really want to. It may be the thing for my next time away with Jason. Hopefully accompanied by the ‘weekend’ bag!

  6. That India Knight site is downright dangerous and should carry a health warning. I finally worked out how to do favourites on my macbook and now keep going back to look and lust after things. She sent me off on a perfume daydream and I ended up ordering samples of some lovely sounding ones from Les Senteurs – if I really love them then Lenin may have to shelve her plans for going to university.

    I love the russian doll coat – though I don’t think I would ever wear it out, just hang it up and stroke it.

  7. I love Gormley. In the summer, we tried to go to the beach for Millie’s birthday. Formby was wet and windy- but Crosby ,where the Gormley figures are, saved the day. Apart from the bit with Elliot going ‘mummy, mummy- I’m touching his willy”….

  8. Alienne
    You’re telling me. I showed my mum the site today and she nearly smacked me for leading her into the path of temptation.

    I want to go. I really want to go. Even with the willies.

  9. Well….all I can say is, If I win the lottery between now and xmas, you may HAVE all these things. Because I cannot even compile a list for myself. Wish I knew what I wanted.
    However, sadly I do not usually buy a lottery ticket. Still. Maybe this week I shall……

  10. Justme
    You are insanely Just the thought of you buying a ticket in the hope of assuaging my guilty consumer desires makes me happy.xx

  11. watchthatcheese

    I just luuuve that coat and I would have the Gormley sculpture any day

  12. Ros
    The coat is delicious isn’t it? I want to stroke it. Lots and lots.

  13. I love that necklace. If only I was fabulously wealthy, and went to the sort of places where that necklace would expect to be taken.

    Not the pub, I’m betting.

  14. Lucy WithaY
    It’s gorgeous isn’t it? If I did buy it I know I’d manage to kill it within a week. I am the kiss of death to all expensive jewelry and house plants regardless of price.

  15. well, i have to thank you for pointing me to Posterous because the very first thing i saw, i bought — for my dad. his father and mother came from Glasgow, he loves to build models and the glasgow tenements were just the thing for a little gift (although it comes to about 45 american dollars) that i wouldn’t be able to get anywhere else!

    on the other hand, i do have serious consumer lust now.

    never had any interest in shoes that were actually taller than i am, but i *do* love that coat. and i would so wear it. everywhere. i love that russian look.

  16. Bronxbee
    I haven’t seen the tenement things yet. I’m going on there as soon as I’ve typed this. The Russian thing is gorgeous isn’t it? Jean Paul Gaultier did a show on the same theme a few years ago and it was to die for. Really, really spectacular.

  17. Those alphabet prints are amazing! I want them now.

    Also, the Lady Page shoes. Gorgeous! I couldn’t wear them though – I’d break my neck before I even took a step!

  18. Bev
    They are gorgeous aren’t they? Apparently he has bought me one, and is now making me guess which letter.

  19. Annnnnnnnd thanks to you, I have just discovered Tiffany’s website. If I can teat myself away from the SPARKLIES! before teatime, it’ll be a little Christmas miracle…

    I have an original Rolf Harris on my Christmas list, and I’m thinking I haven’t been a good enough girl this year. Again.

  20. Oh, what a FABULOUS typo! Tear! Tear! Not Teat!

  21. Hairyfarmerfamily
    I do like the typo. I do. I do!

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