Gratuitous Shots of Alan Measles Parts II and III

These will probably be the last blog shots of Alan.  I have three more to make, but these are for the children.  It stands to reason that these will take months and be made with bad grace.  I am already fed up because I wanted to make Tallulah a bright red one with ladybirds on but she is so taken with Alan III she wants a replica.  Grrrrr! Plus I am now cogitating patchwork and am way more interested in that.

Consequently you must make hay while the small felt bear shines.  Here is the finished Alan II complete with handle:


He is now tucked away safely waiting to see if Grayson Perry ever wants to take him for a walk.

Here is Justme’s Alan.  Alan III.  My names are not original I am afraid.  Tallulah’s will be called Tabitha apparently, which makes a refreshing change.


Here is his back:


You will be pleased to know that his zizi as I prefer to think of his bear genitalia, is also a pink duck, to match his skirt.  It’s an homage to Easter, and also because I’d run out of tulips.


13 responses to “Gratuitous Shots of Alan Measles Parts II and III

  1. Alan rocks! Your Alan Measles’ are absolutely beautiful and it makes my heart sing just looking at them fx

  2. I agree with Mrs T. These are works of art and i am coveting one.

  3. More fabulosity – sp. check is rejecting that but I think it’s a lovely word – everyone should have their own version of Alan measles.

  4. Agree with everyone else. You should have an Alan business. I predict great success. Or maybe you and Mrs T do the predicting around here? They are very lovely indeed.

  5. Marvellous. Give up the day job (i.e. eating cakes and reading books) and start making them en masse, then sell them on Not on the High Street for a fortune. Then think of all the cake you could buy

  6. I don’t want to be pernickety here but is Alan by any chance a cross dresser?

    Love the duck trim on Alan II’s skirt by the way, and the roses on the handle of Alan III – they are bears of great beauty.

  7. You are all so lovely. Thank you for your comments. I blushed. Really.

    Not easy to make en masse. Very fiddly and time consuming though.

    Yes! He is a tranny!

  8. They are just gorgeous. I would sooooo buy one of these, my dear. You’re very talented.

  9. Ali
    If the patchwork washes out I will make you one with the spare bits.x

  10. I love, love, LOVE my Alan! I am Sooooooo lucky!
    Thank you! xxx

  11. justme
    I am so pleased. If I ever get famous I will definitely sign him for you.

  12. Kate

    I would like Alan

    Can you arrange that please.


  13. Hi John

    I’m afraid Alan’s are very limited, due to my total crapness. I am at least four behind already, but mail me when I’ve finally gotten through my list and I’ll see what I can do.

    Glad you like them.

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