Dear Santa Part Two of Several

With Christmas apparently happening next Thursday (this is news to me), and money ridiculously tight, I decided I might while away a few moments pondering what I would like should money happen to be a bit more free flowing than at the minute.

It is not a definitive list you understand.  There isn’t room on the interweb for that. It is very much a nebulous, work in progress kind of thing. But it’s a start.

I will limit myself to five items, so that I am not here until tomorrow.

Jane Packer is a trendy florist in London.  She does flobs for people like Elton and his hair and stuff.  I was looking for a gift for someone recently and came across her website. I quite stupidly signed up for her e-mail service.  Now I get pictures of ridiculously expensive flowers filling my in box.  I drool. I whimper. I press delete.  I want.

I know flowers are a tired old cliche, but I think there is something terribly romantic and decadent about flowers.  They are rubbish, they are fragile, they die, they rot, they are ridiculously expensive.  Therefore they say ‘I love you’ like nothing else.  They say: ‘I love you so much that even though I wouldn’t know a dahlia from my own arse I have schlepped out and dropped seventy quid on these for you. Just because.’  How cool is that?

This year I shall mostly be wanting these ones  I would prefer them in cream and pale blue, but will live with these if forced.

Niche is a store I use when I want to buy people I like gifts (BHS is a store I use when I have to buy gifts for people I hate).  It is full of things you would like to buy for yourself, but which are far too frivolous, pretty and expensive to justify.  They have all kinds of things in their shop, but I have had a hankering for this for a very long time.  I know, I know it is a child’s toy, but it is lovely.  For those of you who can’t be bothered to click on the link, it is a Princess and the Pea with a real bed and covers and a pea and a princess and everything.  It is needful and yet pointless.  I would never buy it, consequently I want it.

I have a thing about the Moomins.  I love the character of Little My in particular.  Little My looks like this:

She is the one dancing on the left.  She is fierce and shouty and prickly. I always think that Little My is me as I am on the inside.  I have a Little My bowl and now I would like the books of the illustrated Moomins that have just been reprinted.  They are lovely, but it’s not as if I’m actually going to get the time to read them.  They are another luxury.

I must pick shoes as my next delight.  I do want, as you well know, a pair of Louboutins.  I do not want to walk in them, which is a bloody good job. I want them to lounge about decadently in.  It is hard to decide which pair to go for, but on my trawl through cyberspace I found these babies:

they are called Anemone.  They are so very, very needful I could weep.  Although I still have a great longing for these:


Even though they are now not the thing.  They are still fabulous. These are, should a benevolent benefactor wish to buy me them, The YSL Tribute Shoe.  They are hooker shoes for millionaires.  God love ’em and all who sail in ’em.

My final wish would be for a weekend at the Malmaison in Leeds at the Depot Suite.  I went there once with Jason and it was fabulous.  I know you might find it hard to believe that Leeds could produce such fabulousness, but it’s true.  The thing is that this suite has a very special bathroom.  It has the most enormous square bath, so deep the water comes up to your thighs and you can lie full length in it and still have room to spare. It is the best bath in the world:

This picture doesn’t really do it justice.  But trust me. It is divine.  You should go, at least once.  The rest of the hotel is nice too, and Leeds has a Harvey Nichols.  What more could one ask for?

Technically this is a cheeky list, as I have already asked Santa for a Sam Taylor Wood print already this year, so this is the substitute list should Miss Taylor Wood prove too tricky, or something.  Or more like fantasy present league, but I can dream.

5 responses to “Dear Santa Part Two of Several

  1. You make it all too easy for your man! But, my wife willthank you for the inspiration (if I ever fess up). May your dreams come true this Christmas!

  2. Wow, I just wanted a new measuring jug for Christmas. i think I need to aim higher. I want the flowers too.

  3. Middleman
    Thank you for your kind wishes. Unfortunately as we have set each other a limit of thirty quid each this year, it aint’ happening. But it’s nice to dream.

    In reality I’m getting two dvd’s I wanted and a book! I’ve got a fab Nigella measuring jug. I look after it like it was a precious jewel. I got it for Christmas three years ago and I still haven’t dropped it yet. Fingers crossed.

  4. My new lust object is page 9 (or 16? can’t work it out), left hand side of this

    Galicec. Silvery. Bonkers heel. Pure shoetopia.

    Moda in Pelle do a cheap knock off of Anemone. I iz just sayin.

    Back to my gruel now.

  5. You my dear are a hero of fashion.

    Sixty five quid? That’s bloody marvellous. I may be tempted in the new year if they still exist and are not just a figment of my over active lust glands.

    Indeed bonkers heel! My feet are not elegant enough for these although I can appreciate the desire. I liked the grey mary janes p. 26 quite a very lot too…

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