Friday December 5th – Memeorama

La Belette Rouge whose blog you can see here, has done a meme inviting people to write down six things which make them happy but which are in essence frivolous. Now, as we know, I am usually a glass half empty, glass half empty and the other half full of wee type woman, so I thought I would stretch my miserable brain cells and give it a go.

  1. I went to school in my pyjamas today! It was brilliant. I was so relaxed. Didn’t have to rush getting myself ready as well as the kids.  Freakily nobody noticed. It says a lot for my day to day dress sense, but frankly I don’t care. I cheated THE MAN.  Hoorah!
  2. I love that Oscar loves his new hat and gloves.  He did a hat and gloves song and dance this morning he was so excited about putting them on to go to nursery.  Then he gave himself a round of applause.
  3. I have until three o’clock this afternoon all to myself without the children, or Jason. I can do whatever I want. I made extra specially sure that I could because I haven’t arranged to meet anyone or do anything for anyone. I have decided to lounge about decadently and not do any cleaning.
  4. Jason realised I was getting a bit credit crunch stir crazy. Turns out he had salted away some funds with such an event in mind.  He took me to Borders yesterday and let me go hog wild with books. They didn’t have all the ones I wanted, so he let me order the rest from the internet.  I lub him. I lub him very much.
  5. I have a cherry pie in the fridge, and a tub of custard with real Madagascan vanilla in it.  Lunch is sorted!
  6. The view from my study window is gorgeous.  The church spire is peeping through the skeleton of the trees and I can see Bradgate park rolling away in front of my eyes.  The pigeons are bending the branches on the apple tree and the grass is still crispy with frost.

So there you have it.  I nominate my usual conspirators.  Welsh Girl, Homeofficemum and Bevchen.

15 responses to “Friday December 5th – Memeorama

  1. Oooh, number three, number three, number three – the luxury of time to onself … I will however consider myself nominated (ahem!) and do my own list too.

  2. You may indeed consider yourself nominated. The more the merrier!

  3. I’m on it. Can shoes feature?

  4. You’ve nominated me for this today. Today. The day in which I woke in a vile mood before moving to stinking mood central and I-hate-the-world-and-everything-on-it-ville. I almost posted today that I was going to give up a blogging. I might still. Long story. But for you, my sweet, I shall dig deep and try to summon come cheery thoughts. THey might come to me round about the kids’ bedtime. Or they might not. In which case they’re unlikely to come till SUnday. But I’ll try.

  5. Saj
    Shoes are frivolity embodied. Go for it.

    Bless your heart. That sounds like the worst kind of day. I am crossing my fingers that it improves and you must not give up blogging. I should be lost without you.x

  6. The worst part is that I can’t even blog about why I was in a grump because the person that put me in a grump reads my blog and then commented to me on it and made me grumpy. sigh

  7. @Homeofficemum: this is what’s good about Live Journal, you can filter your posts and so choose who reads them and who doesn’t 😉 Sorry you’ve had such a crap day, hope you’re feeling a bit better now x

    @katyboo: when I was at university and living in the student village I frequently used to go to the shop in my pyjamas. I think I may have got funny looks but I was usually far too hungover to care.

  8. I was going to write to Homeofficemum that it’s time to get a new blog. I purposely didn’t tell any family members besides my husband about my blog. I mean, where else could I vent about my mother-in-law!

    #2 is terrific! I can imagine your happiness! #3 does not count as frivolousness in my book. You’d go insane without it, or perhaps be like me. I have issues with neglect stemming from my childhood, so I rarely am away from my children. It’s not healthy. #4 – what a great husband!!!!!! And #5, perfect.

    Perhaps I’ll do the meme, seeing as how I haven’t posted since November 7th. There are lots of posts bouncing around in my head waiting to be written, honest.

  9. Katyboo!! So nice to meet you and I am so delighted you took up my meme challenge. Your #’s 4.5. and 6 are all quite amazing: a book shopping spree, cherry pie and a room with a view. Le sigh!

  10. I now feel like I’ve hijacked Katyboo’s blog. Sorry. Thank you Mia Oia. A bottle of wine in and my day’s looking quite cheerful. And Donia, you have hit the nail on the head. I need to start a new one incognito.

  11. Homeofficemum
    Well, you should hijack it. Presumably the person who upset you doesn’t know you’re here. I feel like I’m hiding you out in my underground lair!

    Not bad eh? You should definitely do the meme.

    It is my dream to eventually be eccentric and/or rich enough to wear them all the time.

    You too. Cherry pie was good, and I read my book as well! Loved your blog about the shoe crisis btw! Only wish I had such wonderful shoes to have a crisis in…

  12. YAY for books and time to do nothing!

    I would love to go to work in my pyjamas, but as their bright red with reindeer on I think it might stand out a bit…

    I shall do the meme at some point later, when I find the time.

  13. Bev
    Yep. At least mine were grey. Hard to disguise reindeers as casual street wear.

  14. Indeed. And I’ve just realised I used the wrong type of “their” above – should have been they’re. I must have been half asleep when I typed that…

  15. Spelling schmelling as they say in Dyslexic school!

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