For Jaywalker – The Death of Shrews

Just like those Victorian photos of dead babies you can keep on your sideboard to depress you, here is a montage of dead shrews for the curious, the macabre and those who don’t know how to play Scrabble on Facebook yet.

Primarily they are here at the request of Jaywalker over at Belgian Waffle who was kind enough to send me a giftblog of an embossed penguin earlier.

Exhibit A – Dead Shrew with twenty pence (except now that I look at it, I believe it is a foreign coin of indeterminate denomination)

Note the fact that this shrew looks rather like a penguin.  Given the other shrew’s strange names it could indeed be the lesser penguin shrew, with luminous yellow fangs.

In the course of my extensive research I also found this:

Exhbit b: someone randomly poking a syringe up a dead shrew’s arse.  Just for fun.  Apparently it’s the number one hobby in Nebraska.

And that’s all from the shrew mortuary today.

5 responses to “For Jaywalker – The Death of Shrews

  1. Your “foreign coin of indeterminate denomination” is an American quarter, worth 25 cents. I didn’t even know we had shrews in the midwestern U.S.–I’ve never seen one. Gigantic, corn-fed rats and opossums, sure, but no shrews.

  2. If I told you how indescribably better this has made my day, you would get all embarassed Katy, but thank you from the bottom of my shrewy heart.

  3. J.
    Thanks for that. Maybe you have to be up early in the morning to catch the shrews, presumably before the gigantic rats and opossums eat them for elevenses?

    My profound pleasure.

  4. Oh, no! Another shrew-obsessed blogger. Actually, I draw more than blog, but am equally obsessed with the fascinating shrew facts you have outlined. Thanks for being out there covering this terrain.
    Joy fills my heart.

  5. Susaboa
    No problem. I aim to please!

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